We are proud to announce the promotion of another of our invaluable team here at Men In Black Pest Control Services!

This is Jack O Skelie. Jack has recently been promoted from a cardboard box to becoming our full time (and I do mean full time) receptionist. We are extremely proud of the job that Jack has been doing at his new position (sitting) so far, greeting the large groups of people who walk through our front door with the pests they want our help in eliminating. There are soooo many!

Aside from an obvious drinking problem (which I believe there is some law that prevents us from inquiring about,) Jack is a model employee and hasn’t missed a single day (or night, or weekend) of work since he joined the Men In Black Pest Control Services organization 3 years ago.

Congratulation Jack!! Keep working all those nights and weekends and you’ll go even higher!! (maybe we’ll hang you from the ceiling!)