Bed Bugs Removal

When a homeowner calls about bed bugs, we react quickly. Our technicians conduct a thorough investigation to determine if bed bugs are present and to assess the damage. Following elimination of the bugs in the primary area, the technician inspects and treats the surrounding areas, including multifamily properties, to help prevent spreading.

The idea of bed bugs makes everyone twitch – for good reason. These scroungers can come into a clean and otherwise bug free house. How? They hitch a ride on luggage, used furniture, even clothing. We hate to add this, but bed bugs can even come from another person. If they’re hanging out on someone who enters your home, they can jump off and get to work on your furniture, carpet, drapes, mattresses, etc. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt, but rather to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. As humans, there’s not much we can do to eliminate those elements! 

Preventing Bed Bugs

What can we do to prevent bed bugs from coming into our homes?

Take precautions when traveling to avoid picking them up in hotel rooms. Look for small, black dots on mattresses, curtains, luggage racks and other upholstered pieces. Sometimes the critters hang out in the edging of mattresses, so check there, too.  Some people take the extra step to put all their clothes in a hot dryer for 30 minutes when they get home to kill any bugs that may have jumped on them.

If you see bed bugs

First, they don’t spread disease, so that’s the good news. Having said that, they do bite humans, leaving you with itchy skin. The real worry is that they multiply in your home and spread out over multiple surfaces. It’s extremely important, therefore, to begin a bed bug abatement program as soon as you see them.

Men In Black Pest Control uses methods and products designed to keep your family and pets safe. We inspect your home and get to work to get rid of the critters. Female bed bugs lay from 1-7 eggs each day. Before the population grows, it’s important to kill both the eggs and the adult to prevent further infestation.   And, we send our technicians to your home in unmarked vehicles, to provide privacy and discretion.

We provide a 90-day warranty on residential bed bug treatments

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