Every year a different pest has a booming population sometime during the season. Last year it was the mice, the year before was wasps, this year is the year of the stink bug!

These guys are looking for a place to spend the winter. You will usually see them on the South / Southwest side of your home for the next month, then they will move into your walls and attic to spend the winter there.

They don’t do much breeding through the winter, so don’t worry about being overrun in January, but you will still see a few popping up through the winter months in the house. You will also see them in and on your house again in spring when they leave your home.

These are NOT kissing bugs. They are barely capable of biting and they do NOT spread chagas.

A couple of things you can try are to vacuum them up as you see them, make sure your screens on windows fit properly and aren’t torn, and if there are tons on the side of your home, you can use a hose attachment with a little bit of Dawn dish soap in it and spray them down off the side of your house. The dish soap basically “suffocates” them (without getting technical.)

If there are just too many for you, feel free to give us a call, we’re always happy to help.