Cockroaches are more than nuisances, although they are really a nuisance! They spread disease that can cause food poisoning and asthma. As licensed pest control professionals, we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to locate, eliminate and prevent further infestations. 

The most common cockroach in Northern Illinois is the German cockroach. Frequently found in kitchens, they have a great ability to hide. They emerge only for food and to mate. They reproduce rapidly. Oriental cockroaches are the water bugs you may see in basements and crawl spaces. They are black as adults and can live outdoors as well as indoors in some climates. American cockroaches are relatively large and can fly as adults. They are brownish in color and tend to live in sewers and other moist areas, and in restaurants or buildings where food is processed. Brownbanded cockroaches prefer warmer areas, such as ceilings around light fixtures, around electronics and outdoors in temperatures above 80° F. Woods cockroaches may enter your home on firewood or other wood stored outdoors. Or, as they are attracted to light, they may enter your home in the spring to mate.

If you believe you have any type of cockroach, the best treatment is to hire a licensed pest control professional. After that, we recommend thorough sanitation procedures to rid the area of any food or other temptation for the cockroaches. Good sanitation is crucial to assure the effectiveness of the pesticides that will be used. Grease or other food matter can negatively affect the efficacy of the pesticide.  We will determine the most effective treatment options for your home, with the safety of your family and pets always a top priority.

It is impossible to eradicate a cockroach infestation in one treatment. Multiple treatments will be necessary to assure the problem is taken care of.

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